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Here Are 100 News Headlines That Sum Up Doug Ford‘s Last Four Chaotic Years as Premier

Doug Ford has repeatedly made headlines for getting into fights with Ontarians, ignoring important problems and getting booed

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Four years go by fast.

As Ontario Premier Doug Ford seeks a second term, his first term was marked by constant head butting with teachers and health care workers, tenants and people on social assistance, as well as parents of autistic children.

Ford got passed a highly controversial law to gerrymander municipal elections in Ontario’s biggest city while ignoring Ontario’s second biggest city as it struggled with a far-right occupation and weeks-long power outages.

Here is a look back on the headlines that summed up Doug Ford’s last four years:

Headlines about Doug Ford getting booed / publicly shamed

1. Premier Doug Ford booed by massive crowd celebrating Raptors Championship parade

2. Premier Doug Ford booed at Special Olympics ceremony

3. Boos, Jeers And Shame: Collapsing Support For Ford Government ‘Unprecedented’

Headlines about Doug Ford and democracy

4. That is tinpot dictator stuff’: Calgary Mayor Nenshi blasts Ontario Premier Ford

5. Ford government trampled democracy with mid-election changes, Toronto tells top court

6. ‘Doug Ford will do anything to cling to power’: Premier invokes notwithstanding clause

7. PC Leader Doug Ford pressed on why he’s not taking more questions from the media

8. Toronto residents oppose Ford’s use of notwithstanding clause: Poll

9. Doug Ford shuts service that helps Ontario citizens fight wealthy developers

Headlines about Doug Ford and racism

10. Doug Ford says he supports Stephen Lecce after apology for fraternity ‘slave auction’

11. Doug Ford’s comments on racism ignore history of black trauma in Canada, writer says

12. Facing criticism, Ontario Premier Doug Ford backpedals comments on racism in Canada

13. Premier Doug Ford backtracks on comment that there is no systemic racism in Canada

14. Ontario Premier Doug Ford refuses to apologize for comments about immigrants and ‘the dole’

15. Doug Ford won’t apologize for comments about immigrants

16. Doug Ford Under Fire Over ‘Reckless’ Personal Attack on Indigenous Relations Critic

17. Ford’s ‘catastrophic’ legal aid cuts target refugees and immigrants

Headlines about Doug Ford and women

18. What Doug Ford Says About Women Says Even More About Him

19. A partial list of attacks on women’s rights under Doug Ford

20. Ford government quietly stalls implementation of pay transparency law

21. How Doug Ford’s Government Reduces Abortion Access

22. Doug Ford’s Office Launches Vulgar, Sexually Demeaning Attack on Journalist

23. Ford cuts all provincial funding to Ontario College of Midwives

Headlines about Doug Ford and education

24. Ontario Reverts to 1998 Sex-Ed Curriculum in a Win for ‘Trump-Like’ Premier Doug Ford

25. With strike date looming, Ontario Premier Doug Ford slams teachers’ union leaders

26. Sex-ed rollback, launch of snitch line, created ‘chill’ among teachers, court hears

27. 95% of Students Disapprove of Doug Ford’s Plan To Replace Human Teachers With Cheap Online Courses, Survey Finds

28.  Doug Ford wants education in Ontario to be more like education in Alabama. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.

29. Tens of thousands of high school students walk out en masse to protest out-of-date sex-ed curriculum

30. Doug Ford Wants This Bible College to Grant Science Degrees. It Supports a TV Channel That Pushes COVID-19 Conspiracies

31. Fee opt-out a Doug Ford government attack on student unions, court hears

32. Ontario appeal court dismisses Ford government’s appeal over controversial Student Choice Initiative

33. Ontario court rejects government bid to defund student unions

34. Students struggling after Ford’s ‘upsetting’ OSAP cuts

35. OSAP trends on Twitter as student outrage grows over loan and grant estimates

36. Mysterious group uses ‘made-up name’ and fake mom to attack teachers in Canada’s biggest newspaper

Headlines about Doug Ford and health care

37. Nurses ‘abandoned’ by Ont. premier, nurses’ association CEO says

38. Ford government mandate empowers hospitals, long-term care homes to ‘deny’ healthworkers N95 masks

39. Nurses’ association displeased with Ford’s ‘lack of courage’ on vaccine mandate

40. Many Nurses in Ontario May Be Unable To Get Paid Sick Days Because of Doug Ford’s Bill 124

41. Private Company That Took Over Long-Term Care Home After 27 Died Has a Number of Ties With Doug Ford’s PCs

Headlines about Doug Ford and cuts to services

42. Here’s a list of cuts and program changes the Ford government has backtracked on

43. Here’s everything the Doug Ford government cut in its first year in office

44. Doug Ford’s Budget Includes a Hidden $1.3 Billion ‘Decrease’ in Education Funding

45. The Ford government spent its first year slashing. Here’s who got burned.

46. Doug Ford announces that cuts to municipal public health and childcare programs will go ahead

Headlines about Doug Ford and the environment

47. Doug Ford moving to permanently exempt logging industry from endangered species law

48. Ontario ‘automatically’ okays permits that harm at-risk species

49. Doug Ford declares open season on endangered species in Ontario

50. Money talks, and the Ontario government’s pre-election budget doesn’t spend much on climate

51. Doug Ford is clear-cutting Ontario’s environmental laws

52. Doug Ford’s latest plan to reduce carbon pollution is low on ambition — and detail

53. Ford’s climate record isn’t a top election issue. Here’s why some critics are trying to change that

54. Doug Ford government puts Ontario’s water up for grabs

55. Doug Ford didn’t tell you Ontario cancelled 227 clean energy projects

56. Ford government seeks to deprioritize green energy

57. Doug Ford’s government slashing programs designed to save energy in buildings

Headlines about Doug Ford and social assistance

58. Centralize, digitize, privatize: unpacking Ontario’s welfare reforms

59. Doug Ford is Privatizing Low-Income Employment Services. An American Firm Linked to Trump’s Welfare Cuts Wants the Contract.

60. ODSP recipients urge Ford government to increase payments, say it’s impossible to live on

61. Doug Ford’s Changes to Social Assistance Will Push Ontarians Into Homelessness, Service Providers Warn

62. How Legal Aid Ontario is adjusting to Doug Ford’s deep cuts

63. Doug Ford is Quietly Set to End Emergency Social Assistance For Low-Income Workers and People With Disabilities

Headlines about Doug Ford and labour issues

64. Here’s what Ontario’s biggest labour unions have to say about Doug Ford’s anti-worker track record

65. How Uber got almost everything it wanted in Ontario’s Working For Workers Act

66. Doug Ford’s Plan to Help Gig Workers Makes It Easy to Misclassify Workers and Pay Them Less Than Minimum Wage

67. “No more confusion about Doug Ford”: the fight for decent work in Ontario

68. Ontario’s minimum wage for gig workers faces mounting criticism

69. Amid protests, Tories pass bill that scales back workers’ rights and freezes minimum wage

70. Ford government fails to implement law to protect temp workers that was left dangling by Liberals

71. Employers are Misusing Doug Ford’s Special Pandemic Powers to Ignore Collective Agreements, Union Says

72. Ontario criticized for raising minimum wage by only 10 cents

73. Despite expert advice, Ontario refuses to budge on paid sick days

74. 30 Ontario inspectors laid off despite Doug Ford promise no one will lose jobs

75. Doug Ford asked Sask. to send health-care workers to Ontario: sources

76. Doug Ford to return $1.5 billion to 300,000 businesses from workers’ compensation fund 

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Headlines about Doug Ford and long-term care

77. Several of Doug Ford’s key pandemic decisions were swayed by business interests, Star analysis suggests: First in the series

78. Devastating to watch’: Private long-term-care homes have seen some of Ontario’s worst death rates – but Doug Ford’s new funding set them up for decades of profits

79. Doug Ford is spending billions to expand nursing home chains with some of the worst COVID-19 death rates

80. Ford defends bill that critics say shields long-term care homes from lawsuits

81. Party of Profits: Ontario Tories and the profit motive in long-term care

Headlines about Doug Ford and COVID-19

82. Doug Ford, In the Middle of a Deadly Pandemic, Calls Paid Sick Days a ‘Waste of Taxpayers Money’

83. Doug Ford Says Ontario Will Not Provide Paid Sick Leave For Struggling Workers During State of Emergency

84. Doug Ford says Ontario will not provide paid sick leave for struggling workers during state of emergency

85. Auditor General Releases Damning Report Detailing How Doug Ford’s Government Mismanaged COVID-19 Response

86. Doug Ford scrambles to learn how to work from home after aide tests positive for COVID-19

87. ‘We made a mistake’: Emotional Premier Doug Ford apologizes for controversial COVID-19 restrictions

Headlines about Doug Ford and housing

88. Some Landlords Found a Loophole in Doug Ford’s ‘Eviction Ban’. They’re Still Threatening Renters with Eviction.

89. Struggling Families At Risk of Losing Housing Thanks to Doug Ford’s Cuts, Toronto City Manager Warns

90. Landlord’s Group Pushing Doug Ford’s New Eviction Policy Gets Funding From a Public Crown Corporation

91. Residential eviction ban for Ontario tenants comes with some exceptions

92. ‘Where is the compassion’: During Doug Ford’s eviction ban last year, this Toronto complex was the site of more eviction applications than any other in Ontario

93. Doug Ford Wants to Charge $25K to Record People Getting Evicted on Zoom

94. Ford government votes against year-long ban on residential evictions

95. Doug Ford has promised a second ban on evictions, but no one knows what that will look like

96. Landlord Group Says It Constantly Lobbies Doug Ford. Ford’s Government Claims No Lobbying Took Place.

Headlines about Doug Ford and the Convoy occupation

97. Where has Doug Ford been during Ottawa emergencies? Someplace else

98. Ontario skipping third meeting with federal, Ottawa governments to discuss ongoing protests

99. Premier Ford was in Muskoka area as Ottawa dealt with escalating convoy protests

100. Doug Ford and Jim Watson Have No Records of Man Who Held Secret Negotiations With Ottawa Convoy Leader



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