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Who we are

PressProgress is an award-winning non-profit news organization focused on uncovering and unpacking the news through original investigative and explanatory journalism.

Our journalism digs deeper into important issues that often go unreported by big corporate media outlets – we hold Canada’s rich and powerful accountable, expose unfair and unhealthy working conditions, and shine a light on hate and bigotry.

We believe journalism serves a fundamental role in our democracy. We serve readers who want a brand of journalism that isn’t afraid to ask critical questions, confront injustices or impact real-world change all while upholding responsible journalistic standards.

Millions of Canadians read our stories every year and we’re one of Canada’s most shared and most cited news sources. Our original journalism has been mentioned by every major news organization in Canada, as well as top outlets in the United States and Europe.

PressProgress has won top journalism awards and has received top marks for transparency and credibility by independent third-party reviews.



Areas of Coverage

PressProgress prioritizes stories that fall under the following areas:

  • Social and economic equality
  • Big business and labour
  • Fact-checking and tracking disinformation
  • Right-wing politics and extremism
  • Civic institutions and democracy



Organizational Structure

PressProgress was founded in 2013 by the Broadbent Institute, an independent organization whose work focuses on democracy, equality and sustainability.

PressProgress operates on a reader-powered, non-profit model. We do not rely on advertising, sponsored content or paywalls for revenue. We receive funding through the Broadbent Institute and through a dedicated small donor membership program – our average monthly donation is under $10 from ordinary readers across Canada.

All of the content published by PressProgress is the original and independent work of our team of editors and reporters and is produced according to PressProgressJournalistic Standards.

Full-time editorial and reporting positions for PressProgress are governed under a collective agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers’ local 1006-A.

Our main office is located in Ottawa, with reporters on the ground based in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Prairies.



Contact our Newsroom


Station B, PO Box 1273
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5R3

Visit our contact us page to get in touch by email.

To send us story ideas or share information anonymously, please visit our tips page.


Journalism is an important public service. That’s why we’re prioritizing stories aimed at keeping Canadians safe and holding the powerful accountable.


"PressProgress ... is gaining readership and credibility”

— Toronto Star

"PressProgress is ... part of a new group of digital media organizations (that are) changing the political landscape”

— Canadian Press

"It’s hard to overstate the role that PressProgress played in the election”

— National Post


Publisher Romy Garrido
Editor Luke LeBrun
Alberta reporter Stephen Magusiak
Associate Editor Rumneek Johal
Prairies reporter Emily Leedham
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Our free email newsletter delivers award-winning journalism to your inbox.
Get Canadian Investigative News You Won't Find in Corporate Newspapers.