About PressProgress


We’re producing original, progressive journalism that holds Canada’s rich and powerful accountable.

PressProgress is a non-profit Canadian news organization that produces original reporting and critical analysis.

Our new coverage prioritizes under-covered topics that matter to our progressive readership and serve the public interest, including social and economic equality, environmental sustainability, democracy as well as a critical focus on fiscal and social conservative actors and ideas.

PressProgress was launched as a counter-balance to corporate ownership in Canadian media and the growing influence of right-wing think tanks.

Our head office is located in Ottawa, with reporters on the ground based in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Prairies. 



Organizational Structure

PressProgress was founded in 2013 by the Broadbent Institute, an independent progressive organization dedicated to policy research, leadership training and promoting social democratic values.

PressProgress operates on a non-profit model and receives funding through the Broadbent Institute. Funding includes individual donations and a monthly donor program called the PressProgress Society.

All news content published by PressProgress is the original work of PressProgress’ dedicated team and is produced according to PressProgressethics statement and journalistic standards.

Full-time editorial and reporting positions for PressProgress are governed under a collective agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers’ local 1006-A.


Journalism is an important public service. That’s why we’re prioritizing stories aimed at keeping Canadians safe and holding the powerful accountable.


"PressProgress ... is gaining readership and credibility”

— Toronto Star

"PressProgress is ... part of a new group of digital media organizations (that are) changing the political landscape”

— Canadian Press

"It’s hard to overstate the role that PressProgress played in the election”

— National Post


Publisher Katrina Miller
Editor Luke LeBrun
Staff writer Mitchell Thompson
BC writer Alex Cosh
Alberta writer Stephen Magusiak
Prairies writer Emily Leedham