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What type of tip do you want to share?

1. I have a suggestion for a story or a press release.

2. I have sensitive information and would like to submit a tip anonymously.


How to share tips through e-mail

If your information is not sensitive and you have no concerns about security, you can send us tips and story ideas directly by e-mail:

If your organization would like to send us press releases or add us to your distribution lists, those can be directed to this e-mail address:


How to share tips through our anonymous tips portal

Our anonymous tips portal is designed for anyone who wants to share sensitive documents with us or anyone who may have concerns about a tip being traced back to their computer.

All messages sent through this portal are secure and untraceable. PressProgress does not collect or log any identifiable information about you or your device and we cannot comply with any demand to reveal the identity of sources who share tips with us through this portal. For more information about how we protect our sources, click here.

You can use our portal using a normal web browser and we will only know as much information as you are comfortable sharing with us. However, for greater security, consider taking these additional steps:

1. Use a secure computer. Make sure your computer is not infected with malware or spyware and be cautious of using computers issued by your employer as they could be monitored or leave traces of your activity.

2. Don’t contact us from your home or workplace. Consider going to a local coffee shop or public space with free wifi – this will make it difficult to trace your IP address back to you.

3. Don’t use a normal web browser. Download Tor browser, an anonymous web browser that prevents someone from tracking your Internet connection, learning what sites you visit or identifying your physical location.

4. Send us a secure message. Using Tor browser, visit this page and send us a message along with any documents or media files through our anonymous tips portal.

Please note our anonymous tips portal only allows for one-way communications, meaning we will be unable to reply to you or ask follow-up questions if you choose to use this tool.




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    How we protect our sources 

    PressProgress takes the protection of our sources very seriously.

    We receive many tips from ordinary people who just noticed something happening in their community that they thought deserves more attention. We also hear from advocacy groups that have their ears to the ground on important issues.

    Most people who share tips with us have little to worry about.  But sometimes we receive tips from people with access to sensitive or confidential information who may be worried about facing consequences if someone discovers they shared that information with journalists.

    PressProgress is committed to helping limit risks to our sources by taking the following steps to guard their information and protect their identities:

    • We will only publish the name of someone who has supplied us with a tip with their consent;
    • When we agree to grant a source anonymity, we will not disclose their identity to anyone other than those working directly on the story.
    • PressProgress is prepared to defend our sources to the greatest of our abilities against any demand to force us to disclose their identities.
    • In order to further limit the risk of a source’s identity being compromised, we have created an anonymous tips portal that conceals your identity from everyone — including from us.


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