Why You Can Trust PressProgress

PressProgress is an award-winning non-profit news organization that uncovers and unpacks the news through original investigative and explanatory journalism.

Here’s why you can trust information from PressProgress.


We’re based in Canada with five full-time unionized journalists on the ground in provinces across the country. Our masthead is available here.

We’ve received a perfect “credibility and transparency” score from NewsGuard, an international rating service that evaluates the credibility of news sources. This rating was scored by the former Editor for Journalistic Policy and Practices at CTV News and the former Editor-in-Chief of the Globe and Mail.

Our news organization has won a number of journalism awards and our original reporting has been cited by every major media outlet in Canada, as well as big news organizations in the United States and Europe.  Our journalists regularly appear on radio and podcasts to discuss their work.


Our journalists follow internal policies that are set-out in our Journalistic Standards, which is publicly available for everyone to see.

Our Journalistic Standards page helps explain our commitment to producing public interest journalism and following responsible journalistic practices. We take steps to carefully verify information, present information to readers responsibly and seek out expert opinions wherever necessary.

PressProgress is a member of the National NewsMedia Council, a voluntary, self-regulatory body for Canada’s news media industry that promotes ethical journalistic practices. Readers with concerns about accuracy, journalistic standards or other ethical issues relating to news content published by PressProgress are welcome to make submissions through the NNC’s complaints process.

For more information, see mediacouncil.ca or call 1-844-877-1163.


Our journalists take seriously their responsibility to communicate information and contribute to healthy public discussions.

We take careful steps to verify everything we publish and our stories are always reviewed by one or more editors prior to publication. While PressProgress focuses on topics that matter to our readership and often approach stories from a critical perspective, we always prioritize information that is accurate and drawn from relevant, credible and authoritative sources.

If readers think we’ve gotten something wrong, we’re always open to quickly taking a second look. Each article includes a button for readers to report typos and errors. When we determine that something substantive needs to be corrected, we always add a correction note to the original article.


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Our journalism is powered by readers like you


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