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Canadian Online Publishing Awards 2020

  • GOLD: Best Independent Publisher of the Year
  • GOLD: Best COVID-19 Story Coverage 
  • SILVER: Best Digital Content of the Year

UBC School of Journalism, Writing and Media 2022

  • Rafe Mair Award for Excellence in Journalism: Emma Arkell

Stories that made an impact

Labour reporting on unfair and unsafe workplaces:

PressProgress reporting on Tim Hortons workers being forced to get doctor’s notes to take unpaid sick leave sparked the #BoycottTimHortons hashtag on Twitter, Doug Ford introducing legislation temporarily banning doctor’s notes and a $40 million fund for sick workers created after. Metro grocery stores changed its sick leave policies following our original reporting and Amazon faced heavy criticism after PressProgress reported that the company cancelled hero pay for workers in the middle of a pandemic.

Shining a light on hate, bigotry and extremism:

One of Canada’s biggest far-right Facebook pages was deleted after PressProgress revealed it was quietly run by a popular Instagram influencer. Conservative Party MPs voted to expel Derek Sloan from caucus after our reporting revealed that he received a donation from a prominent neo-Nazi. Our original journalism led to a white nationalist party getting kicked out of the Toronto Star building and our digging into Faith Goldy’s donors forced a number wealthy Toronto business owners to explain why they helped fund a white nationalist mayoral candidate.

Holding the powerful accountable:

Our original investigative journalism on the Jason Kenney’s “kamikaze” scandal has led to over $200,000 in fines being issued by Alberta’s Elections Commissioner and our reporting on fake votes during the 2017 UCP leadership race has led to an ongoing RCMP investigation. Shortly after the alt-right rally in Charlottesville, PressProgress pressed dozens of MPs who appeared as guests on Rebel Media for their thoughts about the controversial website, leading prominent Conservative MPs to disavow Rebel Media.



Our reporting has been cited as a reliable news source by top news organizations in Canada and around the world.

News organizations that have cited PressProgress’ original reporting


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