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‘God Has Delivered Victory’: Doug Ford’s Far-Right Allies Celebrate New Social Conservative Agenda

Premier-designate Ford begins repaying debts to the religious right, doubles-down on promise to ‘repeal’ sex-ed

June 8, 2018

Ontario’s religious right is “jubilant” about their new ally in the Premier’s Office – and now they’re counting on Doug Ford to deliver on his promises and execute their radical social conservative agenda.

Ford, who won the Ontario PC leadership with the help of anti-abortion groups and hardline social conservatives, pandered shamelessly to the religious right through various promises to place new restrictions on abortion access and attack the rights and freedoms of women.

After news outlets projected a PC majority government, Ford’s religious right allies were vocal in praising the province’s new leader and reminding him that they’re waiting for him to repay his debts.

Charles McVety, an anti-gay preacher who runs an organization that promotes homophobic conspiracy theories, told his Facebook followers that the election results show God “heard our prayers and delivered victory for the sake of our children.”

During the Ontario PC leadership race, Ford campaigned alongside McVety, explicitly promising social conservatives he’ll “repeal” Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum.

On Friday morning, Premier-designate Ford was quick to double-down on his promise to repeal sex-ed:

Likewise, one of Canada’s biggest anti-abortion organizations issued a statement celebrating the “end of Wynne’s reign of terror” and adding they’re “optimistic” Ford will “uphold his campaign promises to repeal and replace Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum as an ‘early priority’ in his administration.”

Campaign Life Coalition also committed itself to “realizing some of Ford’s leadership campaign promises which included conscience protection legislation for medical practitioners, measures to protect free speech on campus and free votes on private members bills on social issues like parental consent for abortion.”

Ford has stated he supports giving doctors the right to refuse to refer women for abortions, defunding universities that don’t give a platform to controversial groups and giving parents the power to block their daughter’s abortion.

Another anti-abortion group called Right Now tweeted its congratulations to Ford and “all the newly elected pro-life MPPs,” also noting there are now more PC MPPs say they will vote against women’s reproductive rights than there are Liberal MPPs at Queen’s Park.

During his leadership campaign, Ford told Right Now he’d allow backbench MPPs to introduce legislation placing restrictions on abortion.

Then there’s Tanya Granic Allen – she’s the former PC candidate who claimed math scores in Ontario are down because students spend too much time thinking about “anal sex” and was eventually removed by Ford when her long and well-documented history bashing “homosexuals” came to light.

It turns out the person deemed too extreme to run as a PC candidate was one of the “jubilant” supporters at Ford’s victory party Thursday night.



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