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Ontario PC Leadership Candidate: School Children Are Too Distracted By ‘Anal Sex’ To Focus On Math


Just when you thought Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives had hit rock bottom, the Tories still find a way to dig themselves into a deeper hole.

It was bad enough when disgraced former leader Patrick Brown brazenly claimed in an interview Thursday he never actually resigned four weeks ago, only to see his half-baked story go up in smoke Friday morning when the Toronto Star published a four-week old audio recording of Brown telling MPPs he was, in fact, resigning.

Now along comes Ontario PC leadership candidate Tanya Granic Allen, head of the hardline social conservative group Parents as First Educators (PAFE).

During Thursday’s PC leadership debate, Granic Allen implored moderator Steve Paikin to let her “talk about the sex-ed,” describing it as her “number one priority.”

Pressed by Paikin on what other ideas she has in mind to improve education, since “sex-ed isn’t going to improve math scores,” Granic Allen replied:

“Sure, but it’ll definitely stop distracting students and maybe they could focus a bit more on math if they weren’t talking about anal sex in the classroom.”


Granic Allen’s advocacy group promotes a number of opinions about Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum that are demonstrably false or blatantly homophobic.

At last week’s Manning Centre conference in Ottawa, the right-wing think tank gave Granic Allen’s group a table to distribute leaflets that claimed sex-ed contributes to the spread of “HIV/AIDS, abortion and emotional distress.”

Granic Allen’s social conservative group also enjoys some high-profile supporters.

PAFE showcases photos of the group working alongside Trillium Party MPP Jack Maclaren, a former Tory, as well as federal Conservative MPs Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux.

The social conservative group’s leaflets also boast connections with controversial University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson – PAFE says defending the “validity of traditional families” is “one of Dr. Peterson’s messages to PAFE supporters.”

“I think the social norm should be husband, wife, children,” Peterson told the group, adding that PAFE supporters are actually “in the majority.”

Ontario’s long marginalized social conservative fringe is poised to play a kingmaker role during next month’s PC leadership vote.

During Thursday’s debate, each leadership candidate went on the record expressing their opposition to Ontario’s current sex-ed curriculum.

Doug Ford, another Ontario PC leadership candidate, recently won endorsements from a pair of pastors with a track record preaching homophobic and anti-Semitic views.


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