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Conservative Party Votes Down Resolution Designed to Reassure Everyone They Believe in Science

Delegates at Conservative Party policy convention reject resolution calling on party to affirm that “climate change is real”

The Conservative Party of Canada has rejected science.

Delegates at the Conservative Party’s policy convention this weekend voted down a motion recognizing that “climate change is real,” only a day after Conservative leader Erin O’Toole insisted the debate over the reality of climate change is “over.”

Conservative Party asked to recognize scientific consensus on climate change: The policy resolution, sponsored by Québec Conservative MP Joël Godin’s Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier Electoral District Association, was defeated 54% to 46%.

The language of the resolution set the bar low, only requesting the Conservative Party acknowledge a basic fact that represents the consensus view of scientists:

“We recognize that climate change is real. The Conservative Party is willing to act.”

Social conservatives spread conspiracies to defeat resolution: One reason the resolution was voted down was due to the growing influence of far-right religious extremists inside the federal Conservative Party.

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s biggest anti-abortion group, circulated materials to its supporters in advance of the convention instructing them to vote against the resolution because it was linked to a conspiracy involving “global elites.”

“The science on man-made global warming theory is in dispute,” Campaign Life Coalition wrote. “Global warming is being used by global elites and the United Nations to advance population control through abortion and sterilization.”

Campaign Life Coalition

O’Toole rebuked: The defeat of the resolution came only hours after O’Toole pleaded with his own party members to embrace new ideas, warning that Conservatives “cannot ignore the reality of climate change.”

“I will not allow 338 candidates to defend against the lie from the Liberals that we are a party of climate change deniers,” O’Toole told delegates.

Party of climate change deniers? According to recent polling from Abacus Data,  nearly one-in-five Conservative supporters say they believe climate change is a “hoax.”

Fewer than half say they believe it’s real but are “not sure we can do anything about it.”

[CBC News]


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