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Journalists Across Canada are Alarmed by the Toronto Sun’s Hate-Mongering and Conspiracy Theories

Many are taking notice that Toronto’s right-wing tabloid is steadily becoming more and more reckless and extreme

If you’ve noticed the Toronto Sun’s been weirder than usual lately, you’re not alone – many of Canada’s most respected journalists have noticed too.

While Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey has been laying off journalists and running his newspapers towards bankruptcy, it increasingly feels like the right-wing tabloid has absolutely no filters or quality controls whatsoever.

Lately, Toronto Sun columnists sound more like contributors to Ezra Levant’s far-right Rebel Media website – no surprise a number of their columnists recently made special guest appearances on Rebel Media and even headlined Rebel Media’s live events too.

Also worrying is a leaked document ahead of Ontario’s 2018 election that revealed the Toronto Sun is actively working to manufacture a right-wing culture war by selectively pushing hot button social and cultural issues.

After this week’s horrific shootings on Toronto’s Danforth, the right-wing tabloid’s coverage is doing a better job fueling the online rumours and conspiracy theories  that foment divisions than it’s doing responsibly reporting facts.

Here’s what they’re saying about a few of the worst Toronto Sun writers this week:


Sue-Ann Levy

The award for most irresponsible journalism in the wake of a tragedy has to go to Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy.

Before public officials had provided any information on the shootings, Levy began wildly speculating on the motives of the shooter and, with zero evidence, floated the idea it could be a “refugee.”

Two days later, police have either categorically ruled out or have no evidence to support any of Levy’s three hypothetical motives.

Levy stepped in it again the same day when an article published under her name falsely claimed mass shootings do not happen in the United States based on her regular trips to Florida.

In fact, Florida has seen over 50 mass shootings in the last two years alone, including a high profile shooting school shooting in Parkland earlier this year.

After Levy’s factual errors came to light, the Toronto Sun heavily edited her article though they did not even bother issuing an editor’s note acknowledging the errors:

It’s worth noting: Levy recently made a guest appearance on Rebel Media.


Joe Warmington

Another Toronto Sun writer who has also been headlining Rebel Media events lately is Joe Warmington.

Warmington invited criticism of his ethical and editorial judgment by publishing the home address of the family of the shooter, even though no one has suggested they had any advance knowledge or otherwise involved in the shooting.

In fact, the family released a statement explaining their son had a history of severe mental health issues, a fact documented and verified by police, and expressed their shock and sympathy to the victims.


Candice Malcolm

Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm is living large in California, yet that doesn’t stop the Palo Alto resident from regularly chiming in on current events back home.

Malcolm, a former Jason Kenney staffer and sometimes Rebel Media contributor, also runs a far-right organization ironically called the “True North Initiative” – she recently sent a conspiratorial e-mail vowing to uncover “the truth” about the shooting and later claimed “CBC knowingly misled the public” about the shooting:

As others have observed, Malcolm’s writings in the Sun and elsewhere are becoming “more and more radical”:


Anthony Furey

Toronto Sun opinion columnist Anthony Furey also veered into InfoWars territory after doxxing a “friend of the family” who acted as a “point of contact” between the media and the family of the shooter.

Journalists from across the country noted Furey’s attempt to draw a “connection” between a friend of the shooter’s family and the NDP and the Muslim community was marked by wild, conspiratorial undertones.


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