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We’re Launching a Special Investigative Journalism Initiative in Response to the Coronavirus Emergency

We're protecting Canadians by holding the powerful accountable

March 30, 2020

We believe journalism is a public service.

One of the core principles guiding PressProgress ethics statement and policies on journalistic standards is our commitment to serving the public interest.

That’s why we’re launching COVID-19 Special Investigations, a new initiative in response to the coronavirus emergency.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been digging into stories about issues impacting workers and vulnerable Canadians. Everything from sick leave policies at fast food chains to laid off renters being threatened with evictions.

Our original reporting has already made a positive impact:

• Tim Hortons told its franchises to change their sick leave policies and created a $40 million emergency fund for sick workers after our reporting helped expose problems and sparked nation-wide calls to boycott the fast food giant.

• Ontario Premier Doug Ford banned employers from requesting doctor’s notes.

• Several landlords and property management firms changed their policies on evictions after we asked them tough question.

We want to build on these results by doubling-down on journalism that protects Canadians and holds the powerful accountable.

Our new COVID-19 Special Investigations series is prioritizing issues that aren’t getting the attention they deserve from Canada’s big corporate media outlets:

• We’re going to play a watchdog role and hold bad bosses and lousy landlords accountable when they fail to keep workers and renters safe.

• We’re going to expose price gougers and scammers when they try to take advantage of struggling Canadians.

• We’re also going to help frontline workers in health care and other essential services blow whistles and flag problems in their workplaces.

This emergency has the potential to make existing social and economic inequalities even worse – Canada needs more journalism that shines a light on these issues.

But first we need to ask for your help: we’ve recently put out calls for tips on urgent issues like sick leave policies or renters being threatened with evictions.

If you think there is an important issue related to the coronavirus emergency that isn’t getting the attention it deserves, we’ve created a special page where you can let us know about it:

Let us know what issues we should focus on.

We need your help to investigate.


Help us protect Canadians by holding the powerful accountable.

Journalism is an important public service. That’s why we’re prioritizing stories aimed at keeping Canadians safe and holding the powerful accountable during the coronavirus emergency.

If you have the ability to do so, please consider supporting our non-profit news organization so we can keep making a positive impact for Canadians.


Journalism is an important public service. That’s why we’re prioritizing stories aimed at keeping Canadians safe and holding the powerful accountable.


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