Ethics Statement

PressProgress is a non-profit Canadian news organization that aims to provide reliable, well-sourced reporting and critical analysis on important issues that matter to our progressive readership and serve the public interest.

The following principles help guide our journalistic ethics:


Progressive Values

PressProgress aims to advance stories on progressive issues guided by progressive values, including a commitment to equality, justice, democracy and sustainability. Through accurate reporting and critical analysis rooted in our progressive values, we aim to contribute to productive public debate and restore balance to Canada’s public discourse by shining a light on important topics that do not receive enough attention.


Public Interest

PressProgress restricts its coverage to stories that are of clear relevance to the public interest. In addition to any issue that is of concern or interest to the public at large, this includes any issue relating to Canada’s public institutions, elected public officials, individuals seeking public office, as well as those seeking to influence the political process, change laws and/or shape public opinion and public policy.


Responsible Journalistic Practices

PressProgress is firmly committed to taking responsible steps to verify the accuracy of our reporting. Depending on the unique circumstances of each story, our verification process may involve rigorous fact-checking, corroborating statements with credible sources or seeking direct comment from sources.


Respect for Truth, Facts and Expertise

PressProgress takes the accuracy of its work extremely seriously. We always seek to corroborate every claim we publish, supplying supporting evidence from public records, credible news and academic sources or on-the-record statements from our sources.


Critical Voice

Much of PressProgress’ coverage is dedicated to a critical focus on right-wing politics, including fiscal and social conservative actors and ideas. We seek to advance stories on progressive issues by checking the facts, scrutinizing claims and exposing wrongdoing on the right.



PressProgress always strives to make information clear and relatable to the greatest number of people possible.