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Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media boosts propaganda from neo-Nazi group

Why did a website founded by Ezra Levant give a platform to neo-Nazi propaganda?

April 22, 2016


Why did Rebel Media give a platform to neo-Nazi propaganda?

This week, the right-wing website run by Ezra Levant published a story featuring an anti-refugee video sourced from a YouTube channel belonging to an affiliate of an organization called Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn is a fascist political party based in Greece.


The group’s YouTube channel states that it produces these videos in order to “familiarize everyone with Golden Dawn’s ideology and views.”

The group’s website, promoted at the end of the video, contains a number of blog posts advocating “racial nationalism” and complains about immigrants, refugees, multiculturalism and the “New World Order.”

It also includes warnings about various conspiracies orchestrated by what they call the “World Jewry.”


The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies Golden Dawn as a “violence-prone neo-Nazi political party” – one MP thinks Hitler was a “great personality,” while the party’s leader claims the Holocaust is “a lie.”

That leader is also currently on trial for operating a criminal organization and orchestrating violent attacks on political opponents, immigrants and gay people, along with 69 other members of the party, several of whom have been accused of being linked to a string of murders.

Photo: Rebel Media.


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Postmedia pulls story sponsored by group that believes climate change is caused by sunshine

Canada's biggest newspaper chain has pulled a story sponsored by a group that suggests scientists are not worried about the impacts of climate change.

April 21, 2016


Editor’s note: Following publication of this post, the sponsored story was restored to the Calgary Herald’s website, but does not appear on the websites of several other Postmedia newspaper websites where it also appeared earlier. This post has been updated to include comments from Postmedia.

Canada’s biggest newspaper chain pulled a story sponsored by a group that suggests scientists are not worried about the impacts of climate change and blames warming temperatures on sunshine.

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