Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Insists Pierre Poilievre is ‘Saying The Same Things as Me’

InfoWars host credits Pierre Poilievre for validating his conspiracies about the ‘globalist agenda’

American far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is doubling-down on his recent endorsement of Pierre Poilievre, insisting he and the Conservative Party of Canada leader share identical views on the “anti-human globalist agenda.”

The conspiracy theorist, best known for losing a $1 billion defamation lawsuit brought by the families of murdered Sandy Hook elementary students, also rejects suggestions that Poilievre is copycatting him — Jones insists that great minds simply think alike.

Earlier this month, Poilievre came under fire after the InfoWars host publicly endorsed the Conservative leader for Prime Minister of Canada.

During the April 20 InfoWars broadcast, Jones responded to “claims he’s giving Pierre Poilievre talking points” following a video posted on social media by Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen that describes Poilievre as “Alex Jones’ protégé.”

The video shows side-by-side footage of Poilievre and the far-right conspiracy theorist making similar statements railing against topics including “globalist” elites, the World Economic Forum, digital currencies and digital IDs.

In his response to Gerretsen’s social media post, Jones suggested he and Poilievre are being persecuted by the “enemies of reality.”

While acknowledging it may appear “Pierre Poilievre receives his advice on talking points about globalism and the Great Reset” from Infowars, Jones insists “Poilievre is simply dialed into the truth behind the anti-human globalist agenda.”

In his broadcast, Jones argued that the fact that he and Poilievre are making the same points isn’t proof that Poilievre is “copying” him, it’s proof that his conspiracy theories are common sense:

“The enemies of reality come out and say ‘Canada doesn’t need an Alex Jones protégé’. And that’s being parroted and that’s being put out everywhere. And this is such a key story because this is on national news in Canada. This is being put on the CBC. This is being put on the other channels. I’ve seen dozens of versions, not even looking for it, it trended a couple of times at the top of X that Pierre Poilievre is Alex Jones, and it’d be like if I said ‘the Olympics are coming up in the summer’ and then somebody else said ‘the Olympics are coming up in the summer’, you’d say ‘well, everybody knows that’, you wouldn’t say you were copying me.”

Jones added that the fact that a man who could be Prime Minister of Canada is “saying the same things as me” only validates his conspiracy theories.

He suggested Poilievre’s statements are proof that there is a “global awakening and a global resistance” to the so-called “globalist agenda”:

“The man set to be the next Prime Minister of Canada is saying the same things as me because it’s real things going on, but they turned side-by-side videos of us together and say ‘look, he’s getting all his points from Alex Jones’, no, there’s a global awakening and a global resistance to this.”

Jones’ latest video complicates damage control efforts by conservatives who have been attempting to distance Poilievre from Jones without alienating a segment of Poilievre’s hard-right base.

Poilievre’s office did not respond to questions from PressProgress asking if the Conservative leader is concerned about Alex Jones using his name to validate his conspiracy theories.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized Poilievre in the House of Commons for refusing to disavow Alex Jones’ endorsement, stating that “any responsible leader that receives an endorsement and support from proven conspiracy theorist and liar Alex Jones would have immediately denounced that.”

Previously, Poilievre’s spokesperson, Sebastian Skamski, would only go so far as to say that the Conservative leader does not “listen to what (Alex Jones) has to say.”

Jones, whose InfoWars broadcasts are sometimes guest hosted by Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant as part of the two outlets’ friendly crossover appearances, has been repeatedly talking up the Canadian Conservative leader to his audience since 2022.

During an October 2022 InfoWars segment with a representative from the John Birch Society, Jones praised Poilievre as “totally anti-New World Order.”


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Luke LeBrun
Luke LeBrun is the Editor of PressProgress. His reporting focuses on the federal political scene, right-wing politics as well as issues in technology, media and culture.

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