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Rebel Media praises new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer at ‘pro-Trump’ rally on Parliament Hill

Rebel Media's Faith Goldy says Andrew Scheer is "our people."

June 5, 2017


Rebel Media thinks Andrew Scheer is “our people”?

Next time someone tells you the new Conservative leader is “mild-mannered” or “middle-of-the-road,” ask them why the alt-right thinks Scheer is “our people”?

At an event described as a celebration of “U.S. President Donald Trump’s conservative agenda” by the alt-right Breitbart website, Faith Goldy of Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media – a website that aspires to be a Canadian copy of Breitbart – suggested Scheer is cut from the same cloth as the Breitbart and Rebel Media crowd.

No kidding. In addition to winning leadership with the support of anti-abortion organizers, the campaign manager of Scheer’s leadership campaign happens to be Hamish Marshall, the co-founder and director of Rebel Media.

After praising Scheer’s opposition to transgender rights and a motion condemning systemic racism and Islamophobia, Goldy suggested his voting record is proof he’s even further to the right of leadership runner-up Maxime Bernier.

“That tells you something about where Scheer’s head is at and the fact that he’s ‘O.G.’ when it comes to these issues,” Goldy says on a Facebook Live video filmed on the lawn of Parliament Hill.

“He is our people.”

Rebel Media’s people

Rebel Media is currently facing a boycott that has seen dozens of major brands blacklist the alt-right website linked to a number of controversies around the world and at home, including using a white nationalist terrorist attack on a Quebec City mosque as an opportunity to raise money and its connections to a disinformation campaign targeting democratic elections in France.

Scheer’s predecessor, former Conservative leader Rona Ambrose, once publicly denounced Rebel Media and its supporters as “idiots.”

Yet Scheer hired one of Rebel Media’s directors to run his campaign?

Who else are Rebel Media’s kind of people?

Here’s a sampling of some of the “less than 100” people at the alt-right rally on Parliament Hill:

• “Soldiers of Odin”: Images from the event show Goldy mingling with an “extreme anti-refugee group” known for vigilante “street patrols” viewed as anti-immigrant intimidation tactics.

Although the group is an offshoot of European street gangs linked to neo-Nazis and white supremacists and the Southern Poverty Law Center labels them an anti-Muslim hate group, their Canadian chapters deny they are motivated by white supremacy or hate. Nevertheless, members of the group repeatedly find themselves at the centre of violence at anti-Muslim events.

• “Proud Boys”: Goldy was also spotted mingling with members of the “Proud Boys,” a group founded by Rebel Media host Gavin McInnes and described by Southern Poverty Law Center as an “alt-right fight club” that “engages in street fighting.”

Some wore battle gear on the lawn of Parliament while others wore symbols linked to militant Christian calls for a new crusade against Muslims – something Goldy herself called for a few months ago when she urged Christians to launch a new crusade to “retake Bethlehem.”

As Rebel Media director and Scheer campaign director Hamish Marshall might say: “you are the company you keep.”



Photo: R. Cameron, Facebook.


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