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PressProgress Presents… Conopoly!

Watching the Globe Debate on the economy? Play Conopoly!

September 17, 2015

As you watch tonight’s Globe and Mail debate on the economy, play a little Conopoly!

Now Monopoly isn’t just for ending friendships and starting family feuds – it’s also your way to dissect exactly how bad the Conservatives have governed Canada over the past nine years. 

Take a look at the board:


Considering the Conservative government has been playing games with Canadian jobs, deficits, workers’ rights, the environment, infrastructure, affordable housing, and taxes, maybe it’s time to play their game.

Throughout the debate we’ll be tweeting and updating this page with property cards, Chance cards and Community/Conservative Chest fact-checks. 

Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter. Have fun!


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AUDIO: Conservative candidate claims bill protecting gender identity doesn’t “help us move forward”

Joan Crockatt says it doesn't "help us move forward on the issues," whatever that means.

September 16, 2015

Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt’s latest excuse for why she voted against a bill recognizing gender identity in the Canadian Human Rights Act is that it didn’t “help us move forward on the issues,” whatever that means.

“So, this is a complex issue,” Crockatt told a room of booing constituents at Calgary-Centre’s all-candidates debate Tuesday.

“This particular bill did not help us move forward on the issues that we hoped it would, and as a legislator your…