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Homophobic Preacher Tells Social Conservatives: ‘Doug Ford Will Repeal Sex Education’

‘We’re going to repeal the sex-ed curriculum’, says Ontario PC leadership candidate Doug Ford

March 6, 2018

If elected Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford will “repeal” sex-ed.

Since the Ontario PC leadership race kicked off a month ago, Ford has repeatedly stated during leadership debates and interviews he would merely “review” the sexual health component in the province’s Health and Physical Education curriculum, but as the race heads down the homestretch, Ford’s campaign now appears to have traded its dog whistle for a foghorn.

Former televangelist Charles McVety, a close ally of Ford’s leadership campaign, is currently appealing to his social conservative followers to vote for Ford because “Doug Ford will repeal radical sex education.”

McVety, who was fired from Christian TV station CTS in 2010 over “discriminatory comments” suggesting “homosexuals prey on children,” runs the Institute for Canadian Values, a social conservative think tank that spreads disinformation targeting LGBTQ Canadians and falsely claims Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum requires teachers to provide students with instructions on “the pleasures of masturbation.”

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“Doug Ford” has “promised to repeal the current policy” on sex education, McVety wrote in a Facebook post shared over one thousand times this weekend.

“Be sure to vote and mark Doug Ford” as a top choice for leader, McVety adds.

McVety has even gone out of his way to create a step-by-step instructional video explaining how to fill out online forms on the Ontario PC website so his followers can cast votes for Ford.


McVety points to a small rally in Lindsay, Ontario last month where Ford explicitly told supporters gathered at the local Howard Johnson Inn: “we’re going to repeal the sex-ed curriculum.”

“I believe education should start at home,” Ford said. “It shouldn’t start with the Liberal ideology breathing down our back day in and day out. That is going to be done immediately.”

Ford also shared an anecdote about his bewilderment when his nephew “Dougie” told “Uncle Doug” they are teaching him about sex in his grade two classroom.

“Grade two, (Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne) is trying to parade this ideology down our backs about six different genders or ten different genders, I think it’s six different genders and all the nonsense.”


In fact, what Ford told his supporters in Lindsay, Ontario would appear to be false.

The “human development and sexual education” stream in Ontario’s Health and Physical Education curriculum does not teach second grade students about sex, let alone “six different genders or ten different genders.”

In grade two, the curriculum only focuses on teaching students the “stages of development” and “oral health” (in other words, how to brush your teeth).

Lessons on “sex” or “gender” appear nowhere in grade two – between grades four and six, students do learn about reproductive systems and biological changes that occur during puberty, seventh grade students learn about “delaying sexual activity” and “pregnancy prevention,” while grade eight students learn about gender identity and other concepts related to human health and sexuality.

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If it sounds like Doug Ford doesn’t know what he’s talking about, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Over the weekend, Ford also doubled-down on his support for a dangerous, unethical and likely unconstitutional idea to give parents the power to block pregnant teens from accessing safe abortions – even going so far as to compare an abortion to having your tonsils removed.

“Kids can’t even get their tonsils out without the approval of their parents,” Ford told CBC News.

Unsurprisingly, that claim fails a basic fact-check too.



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