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What conservatives would say about Saskatchewan’s credit downgrade if Brad Wall wasn’t conservative

But isn't it strange to see conservative pundits and politicians – who usually get so worked up about about these sorts of things – so quiet and so subdued all of a sudden?

June 28, 2016



That’s the sound coming from conservatives and right-leaning media pundits after global credit agency Standard & Poors downgraded Saskatchewan’s credit rating from triple-A to double-A plus on Monday.

Thanks to the continuing impact of low natural resources prices, Saskatchewan is of course not the first province to see its credit rating drop.

But it’s a little strange to see conservative pundits and politicians – who usually get really worked up about about these sorts of things – so quiet and so subdued all of a sudden?

The news is pretty awkward for Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall too. He often touts his S&P rating as proof that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the economy:

It all makes you wonder: how would conservatives react to this news if Brad Wall didn’t subscribe to the same conservative economic philosophy that they do?

Here are a few ideas:


Would Stephen Harper say Brad Wall has done the “unthinkable”?

When another province which shall remain nameless recently saw its credit rating downgraded, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was aghast, absolutely aghast, remarking that what he was witnessing would be “unthinkable a generation ago.”

He’d say the same thing about Brad Wall today, right?


Would Joe Oliver be “unhappy” with Brad Wall?

What do you think: would Harper’s former Finance Minister Joe Oliver say he’s happy or unhappy with Brad Wall? 


Would Alberta’s Wildrose say Brad Wall needs a “wake-up call”?

When low oil prices led to Alberta’s credit rating getting downgraded last year, Wildrose leader Brian Jean and finance critic Derek Fildebrandt said it was a “wake-up call” that the Alberta government had become too “expensive” and “wasteful.”

Someone from Wildrose will get Brad Wall on the phone and tell him the same thing, right? Right?


Would Alberta’s PCs say Brad Wall has inflicted a “major blow” to Saskatchewan’s economy?

Although they mismanaged Alberta for decades, the Alberta PCs reacted to Alberta’s downgrade by claiming it was “a major blow to our economy.”

They’d say Brad Wall destroyed Saskatchewan’s economy too, right?



Would Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister get moody and start using CAPS LOCK for added emphasis?

Earlier this year, Pallister reacted to “ANOTHER” credit downgrade by warning that the credit agencies “DON’T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT” – someone needs to get this thing “UNDER CONTROL!”

Speaking of which, following Pallister’s first budget earlier this month, major international credit agency Moody’s chose not to upgrade Manitoba’s credit rating, noting they weren’t confident in Manitoba’s financial outlook. UGH!


Would the Canadian Taxpayers Federation criticize Brad Wall?

The right-wing taxpayers federation has previously likened a credit downgrade is a devastating blow to our reputation and our pocket books.”  

They’ve also celebrated Saskatchewan’s credit rating as a “huge feather in its cap.”

But look what happens when Saskatchewan’s credit rating is downgraded: the taxpayers federation quietly posts a news release on their website criticizing Alberta and Ontario for “racking up reckless deficits” while applauding the Saskatchewan government’s “commitment to transformational change” as “good.”



And, hey: would we see “soup kitchen” lines in Saskatoon too?

Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein had a perfectly level-headed reaction when S&P downgraded two other provinces several months ago: get ready for soup kitchen lines! 

So, of course Goldstein is expecting to see soup kitchen lines in Saskatchewan now that S&P has downgraded their credit rating too, right?

Nope. Doesn’t look like this credit downgrade gets a soup kitchen line warning:

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