VIDEO: Um, what exactly IS an “old stock Canadian,” Stephen Harper?

"Old Stock Canadian"?

September 18, 2015

During Thursday night’s Globe and Mail debate, when asked about refugee policy, Stephen Harper said that taking away health care for claimants was something “old-stock Canadians” could agree with.

Confused debate watchers chimed in. What exactly is an “old-stock” Canadian?

 Because “old-stock” may have some differing interpretations…

But many people were simply put off by the clear racial undertones of the term.


For the record, the government’s own polling data showed that 62% of Canadians believed that refugee claimants should have the same health care as Canadian residents and citizens.


However, the poll didn’t differentiate which respondents were “old-stock”.


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PressProgress Presents… Conopoly!

Watching the Globe Debate on the economy? Play Conopoly!

September 17, 2015

As you watch tonight’s Globe and Mail debate on the economy, play a little Conopoly!

Now Monopoly isn’t just for ending friendships and starting family feuds – it’s also your way to dissect exactly how bad the Conservatives have governed Canada over the past nine years. 

Take a look at the board:


Considering the Conservative government has been playing games with Canadian jobs, deficits, workers’ rights, the environment, infrastructure, affordable housing,…