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WATCH: 13 Conservative MPs drone on like robots reading the exact same script

What if it is more than just a metaphor? What if Conservative MPs really, truly, seriously are... Robots?

July 29, 2015

Critics of Stephen Harper’s government have called his Conservative MPs mindless robots for years.

After all, Conservative MP Peter Goldring was once likened to a cyborg after revealing that he frequently wears a video recording device. And former Conservative turned independent MP Brent Rathgeber once described his former colleagues as “trained seals” who are so tightly scripted by the Prime Minister’s Office, Rathgeber suggests they no longer “represent their constituents in Ottawa.”

But what if Harper’s critics are wrong? What if it is more than just a metaphor? What if Conservative MPs really, truly, seriously are… Robots?

After 13 Conservative MPs uploaded eerily similar videos to Youtube this week, wherein the MPs read word-for-word from the exact same script, what other explanation could there be?

Watch now and judge for yourself: 


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Fraser Institute doesn’t see correlation between democracy and happiness

Ever feel sad? Ever feel like you're not "in control" of your own life? Fraser Institute has some ideas why.

July 28, 2015

Do you ever feel sad?

Ever feel like you’re not “in control” of your own life?

Forget Dr. Phil – if the Fraser Institute’s numbers are right, you may want to give some serious thought to moving to a country ruled by an autocrat.

That’s one possible conclusion tucked away in the right-wing think tank’s latest report that seeks to to discover the “macro-economic and political determinants” of “happiness,” which the Fraser Institute says looks like this:

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