Doug Ford Brantford
Doug Ford Brantford
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WATCH: Doug Ford dodges journalists before fleeing Brantford event through the back door

"Do you know where he went? Did you guys sneak him out the back?"

May 25, 2018

Openness and transparency first, folks.

The same day Doug Ford faced serious questions about an audio recording that allegedly shows him selling “bogus” party memberships, the Ontario PC leader quite literally fled from journalists at a campaign stop in Brantford.

Physically shielded from the press by political operatives, Ford reportedly spent just over an hour posing for pictures before sneaking out the back door of the venue and being hastily whisked away.

At the event, journalists such as CTV’s Tina Yazdani tried to question Ford but found their efforts rebuffed by his handlers.

Reporters then tried for a third time to question Ford, only to discover that the PC leader had fled the scene through the back door.

On Thursday morning, an audio clip surfaced that allegedly shows Ford trying to sell “bogus” memberships on behalf of Etobicoke PC candidate – and staffer under former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – Kinga Surma.


In addition, failed nomination candidate Pina Martino raised serious allegations of intimidation against the PC leader.

Ontarians head to the polls on June the 7th.

Image: Tina Yazdani, Twitter 


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Doug Ford ally Charles McVety: Teaching creationism in schools “sounds like a good idea”

“It sounds like a good Idea, don’t you think?”

May 24, 2018

Charles McVety, a close ally and key endorser of Doug Ford’s campaign for the PC leadership, thinks Ontario’s schools should teach creationism.

Addressing the audience during a conference this week, the hardline social conservative and Canada Christian College president questioned whether the Earth is more than 6,000 years old and spoke in favour of creationist philosophy in the province’s schools.

In one video posted on the Canada Christian College Facebook page, McVety tells the gathering:

“People talk about the world…