PressProgress is Launching a Labour Reporting Email Newsletter Focused on a New Generation of Work

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This Labour Day, PressProgress is excited to announce the launch of Shift Work, a weekly newsletter providing a national roundup of labour news.

Each Friday, Shift Work will curate top national and regional labour headlines and provide a weekly summary of all strikes, lockouts and new organizing in the country.

Shift Work aims to engage the next generation of workers and organizers, highlighting the intersections of labour with broader social issues like structural racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, income inequality, housing, climate change — and more.

The name Shift Work reflects the reality of work for many of us. Whether we’re working multiple shifts for multiple employers, or long hours around the clock, our entire lives revolve around these shifts. Shift Work is also a demand for change. If we want to improve our quality of life and build a more just society, we must shift power from corporate profit-driven agendas to workers through collective labour organizing.

Shift Work also builds upon PressProgress’ editorial mission of holding the rich and powerful accountable and shining a light on unsafe and unfair workplaces. We’re thankful to our readers and supporters who allow us to provide public interest journalism and create new resources like the weekly Shift Work labour newsletter.

Sign up below and become a Shift Worker today:


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