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Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s Twitter mentions are a total disaster right now

A lot of angry tweets are being sent to @cathmckenna after the Liberal government approved the Pacific Northwest LNG project.

September 28, 2016


Not a good day to check the tweets being sent to @cathmckenna.

On Tuesday, the Liberal government approved the Pacific Northwest LNG project in British Columbia, a move that might be of some assistance to BC Premier Christy Clark as an election looms on the horizon.

The controversial project involves fracking for natural gas in northern BC and building a pipeline to an export terminal to the Pacific coast.

First Nations leaders say the government hasn’t consulted impacted communities, while environmental groups say the project will be “one of the largest carbon polluters in the country.”

Despite these criticisms, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna claimed the Liberal government’s decision to approve the LNG project was guided by “science” and the “traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples.”

Let’s check-in and see how people are reacting to that:


Meanwhile, others noted McKenna’s invocation of the “traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples” in an attempt to sell a fracking project.

And all this comes on the heels of McKenna confirming her Liberal government would be sticking to Stephen Harper’s targets for reducing carbon emissions

Some wondered:

That didn’t go well at all.

Photo: Environmentcan. Used under Creative Commons license.


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As Harper’s CRA audits continue, right-wing charities report zero ‘political activity’ again

Canada's highest profile right-wing charities are claiming they conducted zero – that's right, zero – political activity last year.

September 27, 2016



Did you know that Canada’s highest profile right-wing charities are claiming they conducted zero – that’s right, zero – political activity last year?

That’s according to their 2015 tax filings with Canada Revenue Agency. For those of you keeping track, this now makes it at least four years in a row that right-wing think tanks such as the Fraser Institute have reported zero political activity.

According to CRA rules, Canadian charities are permitted to devote up to 10%…