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Is Your Boss Giving You a Hard Time About Sick Leave During COVID-19’s Omicron Wave? Help Us Investigate.

We’re investigating Canadian employers who are ignoring public health authorities

The omicron variant of COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across Canada — and that’s leaving some Canadian workers in a tough spot.

We’re investigating Canadian employers who are making it hard for workers to do the right thing and self-isolate after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

That’s tougher than ever in some parts of the country: Doug Ford’s government recently restricted access to PCR testing for most people in Ontario and suggested bosses should just trust their employees if they say they’re sick.

Meanwhile in other provinces like Alberta, Jason Kenney’s government has resisted calls to legislate paid sick days, meaning workers who want to do the right thing are left to the mercy of their employers.

Get in touch with us if this sounds like your workplace:

  • Did your boss give you a hard time after you told them you are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19?
  • Is your boss demanding a PCR test as proof that you really have COVID-19 before agreeing to allow you to take time off or grant sick pay?
  • Did your boss threaten to fire you if you didn’t show up to work despite experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19?

We respect your privacy

We’re investigating sick leave policies during COVID-19’s omicron wave. Because we need to verify that the information you’re sharing is accurate, we have to ask you to provide your contact info and details about your workplace.

Any information you share with us will be held in strict confidence and used for journalistic purposes only. Your name will not be added to any marketing lists and we will not share any identifiable information about you with any third party whatsoever — including your employer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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