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Far-Right Convoy Groups Plan to Occupy Canadian Police Stations Until Government Officials are Arrested

Convoy leaders suggest bringing ‘tents and BBQs’ to occupy police stations for weeks or months until charges are laid

Members of far-right convoy groups are holding private meetings where they are developing an ambitious and unorthodox plan to occupy police stations in cities across Canada in order to pressure police into arresting government officials.

The “Team Lead” for the plan is Dana Metcalfe, an organizer of the original Freedom Convoy who is currently facing criminal harassment charges after staging a “surprise convoy” to the home of the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

On a Zoom call Monday night, Metcalfe was joined by over 100 others, including several leaders of the “Save the Children Convoy,” a group influenced by sovereign citizen and QAnon rhetoric that also planned arrests of politicians and police officers and has since established a rural basecamp near Ottawa.

Others were linked to a conspiratorial pseudolegal group called Stand4Thee, a group that is campaigning to have Justin Trudeau arrested for “treason.”

During the Zoom call, Metcalfe unveiled a new “project” called “One Million Charges for the People” that involves a plan to occupy police stations and refuse to leave until police do what they say.

“We have Plan A, we have Plan B and we have Plan C,” Metcalfe explained. “Plan A is we are going to go and lay charges together in unison in our country and we are not going to leave until we get a file number.”

One Million Charges for the People (Zoom)

Citing old grievances over COVID-19 vaccines and pandemic public health measures, Metcalfe alleged the Government of Canada’s “criminal activity” relates to “vaccine cover-ups, misinformation put out by CBC” and she also purported to have proof that Justin Trudeau’s “lockdowns and mandates were based on fraud.”

She said they had compiled “evidence packages” that are “50,000 pages” long.

Metcalfe, also an organizer of last fall’s “One Million March for Children,” said she will be converting the anti-LGBTQ+ group’s infrastructure and contact lists to refocus on the new plan to occupy police stations.

“We have the One Million March for Children Facebook page, Twitter page and contact list, so we’re starting off on good grounds,” Metcalfe said. “In the original One Million March for Children we had access to about 1.5 million participants, so we had 80 chapter leaders across the country.”

Ron Clark, a participant in the original Freedom Convoy and one of the Save the Children Convoy leaders, pledged his support for the plan.

“We’re all going to go in big droves to the police stations and serve them documents and we’re not leaving,” Clark said. “We’re going to serve these documents and we’re going to go there with a few hundred people at different locations and we’re not leaving, we do not leave even if we’re there for a week or whatnot, we don’t leave.”

“You tell the officers we’re not leaving until we get answers and these are documented and we have a file number. So, if we’re going to be here today, well, we’ll be here tonight, tomorrow and day on until all of it’s all looked after,” Clark added.

“Forget about going to the court system, you deal with it right there, because if it doesn’t move that far, well you already know the next stand that you need to take.”

“Bring tents and a BBQ,” commented Shawn Bradley, another Save the Children Convoy organizer who also goes by the name “Iron Crow.”

Gordon Berry and Norman Blanchfield, two other Save the Children Convoy leaders, joined Clark in endorsing the plan, declaring it would be their “last stand.”

“I want everybody to understand that this is the last stand, I want everybody to get behind this initiative,” Berry said, speaking from a farm near Casselman, Ontario where the Save the Children Convoy is quartering during the winter months.

“The end goal for me is to put an end to this, whatever means necessary, and this is the last chance working within the systems they designed,” Berry added. “If it takes eight weeks, it takes eight weeks.”

Dale Richardson, a Saskatchewan-based COVID-19 conspiracy theorist, suggested Canadian government officials could be charged under a section of the criminal code relating to “the facilitation of the exploitation of children.”

“Those are human trafficking laws, that’s what’s being broken,” Richardson said. “Everybody needs to know they are trafficking our kids in schools with your tax dollars.”

If “Plan A” doesn’t work out, Metcalfe said Plan B would be to attempt a private prosecution of the government.

“If we cannot successfully proceed with charges on a policing level, we will go forward under the criminal code section 504 and directly lay charges at the courts ourselves,” Metcalfe said, adding they would “also charge the police for criminal negligence for not allowing us to file those charges.”

As an additional option, Berry suggested sympathetic “police and military” could be called upon to intervene against the government on their behalf, but conceded: “I don’t think they’ll stand until they can stand behind the power of the people.”

While the project is billed as being “by the people, for the people and of the people,” Metcalfe suggested the “One Million Charges for the People” project is coordinating with similar groups in other countries who share an interest in overwhelming police around the globe.

One guest speaker on the call was an anti-vaxxer paramedic from New York City identified only as “Harry” whom Metcalfe described as “one of our warriors down in the United States of America.”

“We do have international partners coming on board,” Metcalfe said. “We have people that have interests in the UK, the USA, Australia, possibly Japan.”

“As you know we have the green monsters that we dealt with in Ottawa, so any time we’ve tried to uprise, you know Germany’s doing it separately, everybody is doing it separately, but what are they going to do with us if the whole world is all at their police stations?”

“They can’t really do much with us.”


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