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Don’t worry, Canada: Here are the 111 most embarrassing Conservative candidates this election

Is Harper really the problem? Or are these symptomatic of something deeper wrong with Conservatives?

Some have floated the idea Canada’s Conservatives would be better off without Harper.

But would they?

A lot of candidates have found themselves making headlines this election for all the wrong reasons: from slips of the tongue to bouts of anger to paranoia about others all the way to weird stories about election signs.

Is Harper really the problem? Or are these symptomatic of something deeper with the Conservatives?

Here are 111 examples to consider. Make your own conclusions:


Deepak Obhrai yelled at everyone at an all-candidates meeting. He says he was just trying to get his point across.

Wiliam Moughrabi mused about punching people “in the face.” 

Ryan Leef got into a physical altercation with a young woman who tampered with his election sign. 

And Robert Strickland told a young person to “gain some experience in life” before talking to him about politics.


Joe Daniel warned us about the ‘Muslim agenda’. 

Marilyn Gladu thought Muslims want to “kill everybody.”

And Larry Miller is worried about, um, Communist revolutions. 

Gender trouble

Jagdish Grewal touts the unconscionable practice of gay conversion therapies.  

Konstantin Toubis has some very objectionable opinions on women’s sexuality, latent homosexuality and “being a man.” 

And Joan Crockatt said a bill protecting transgender rights doesn’t “help move us forward.”

Lacking empathy

Stephen Harper said an inquiry wasn’t “on his radar.” And he’d hate it if we “committ sociology” on the issue.

Bob Zimmer said “lack of a job” is to blame for MMIW.

John Cummins blamed the victims.

Deepak Obhrai kept yelling that “we all know what happened.” 230 families would beg to differ.

And David Wilks thought it’s “people that murder people.” He doesn’t understand why gender is part of the MMIW discussion? 

Being weird about election signs 

Tim Laidler photoshopped his name over another Conservative candidate’s election sign.

Bal Gosal’s volunteers were filmed wearing “Team Gosal” jackets tearing down election signs. 

And what is up with these four candidates?

Half-baked ideas 

Buddy Ford wanted to run for a party pushing criminal penalties for possessing pot. He was busted in the past for possessing a joint. 

And Marilyn Gladu said that although marijuana leads to “violence and death,” she also wants to decriminalize it.  

Slips of the tongue

Ron Liepert doesn’t think civil liberties and freedoms are a part of the country we live in.  

Blair Dale decided to explain rap lyrics on the internet. 

And Andy Wang said the solution to youth unemployment is working for free. 

Bad decisions

Jerry Bance peed in a cup. It was not his own cup too.

Tim Dutaud filmed prank calls pretending to have a mental illness and having a bad reaction to Viagra.

Rick Dykstra was accused of partying with underaged girls at a nightclub, and a member of his team allegedly tried bribing them into silence; Dykstra denied the claim.

Augustin Ali Kitoko complimented the NDP. He was promptly dropped as a Conservative candidate.

Soheil Eid compared the NDP to the Nazis.

Walter Pamic posted dozens of anti-union tirades on Facebook. His company also received $400,000 in government contracts since announcing he’s running for office.

And Gilles Guibord doubled down, going sexist and racist at the same time.

Policing women’s bodies

Gordon Giesbrecht managed to draw a link between abortion and 9/11 plus the holocaust.

Michael Kram suggested he’d figure out how to push his anti-choice agenda “once we see how many pro-life MPs are elected”

And these 86 Conservative candidates were endorsed by an anti-choice group for their support on various issues, ranging from pledges to support legislation against women’s reproductive rights to declaring there are no circumstances under which “a woman should have access to an abortion”: 

  1. Blake Richards
  2. Kevin Sorenson
  3. Len Webber
  4. Jason Kenney
  5. Mike Lake
  6. Chris Warkentin
  7. Rachael Harder
  8. Jim Hillyer
  9. Garnett Genuis
  10. Michael Cooper
  11. Ed Fast
  12. Mark Strahl
  13. Nina Grewal
  14. Ron Cannan
  15. Mark Warawa
  16. Bob Zimmer
  17. Alice Wong
  18. Marshall Neufeld
  19. John Weston
  20. Lawrence Toet
  21. Jim Bell
  22. Candice Bergen
  23. Ted Falk
  24. James Bezan
  25. Francois Catellier
  26. Gordon Giesbrecht
  27. Rob Moore
  28. Tilly O’Neill-Gordon
  29. John Williamson
  30. Rodney Weston
  31. Gail Shea
  32. Costas Menegakis
  33. Alex Nuttall
  34. Jodie Jenkins
  35. Kyle Seeback
  36. Phil McColeman
  37. Larry Miller
  38. Pierre Poilievre
  39. David Van Kesteren
  40. Jeff Watson
  41. Toyin Dada
  42. David Sweet
  43. Pierre Lemieux
  44. Vincent Samuel
  45. Daryl Kramp
  46. Ben Lobb
  47. Stephen Woodworth
  48. Harold Albrecht
  49. Marian Gagne
  50. Bev Shipley
  51. Scott Reid
  52. Gord Brown
  53. Suzanna Dieleman
  54. Paul Calandra
  55. Jobson Easow
  56. Bob Saroya
  57. Julius Tiangson
  58. Wladyslaw Lizon
  59. Stella Ambler
  60. Andy Wang
  61. Lois Brown
  62. Dean Allison
  63. Adam Moulton
  64. Royal Galipeau
  65. Colin Carrie
  66. David Piccini
  67. Cheryl Gallant
  68. Bryan Hayes
  69. Roxanne James
  70. Chuck Konkel
  71. Leslyn Lewis
  72. Roshan Nallaratnam
  73. Guy Lauzon
  74. Fred Slade
  75. Richard Harvey
  76. Peter Van Loan
  77. Gerry Ritz
  78. Kelly Block
  79. David Anderson
  80. Rob Clarke
  81. Tom Lukiwski
  82. Andrew Scheer
  83. Michael Kram
  84. Randy Donauer
  85. Brad Trost
  86. Cathay Wagantall

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