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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Refuses to Criticize Donald Trump During First Leaders’ Debate

Andrew Scheer dodged when asked to ‘condemn’ Trump for ‘stripping kids from the arms of their parents’ and jailing them in prison camps

September 13, 2019

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer wouldn’t criticize Donald Trump.

During the first leaders’ debate of the 2019 federal Election Thursday night, Scheer was repeatedly pressed by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to take a firm position against the Trump administration’s racist and draconian anti-immigration policies.

“Mr. Scheer seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to support or continue Tump’s policies,” said Singh. “That to me does not show strength.”

Pointing to Trump’s orders “stripping kids from the arms of their parents” and locking them up in detention camps along the US-Mexico border, Singh suggested both Scheer and Trudeau need to show no moral ambiguity and “call that out for what it is.”

“The fact Mr. Scheer stands here today and is not willing to condemn Mr. Trump for his horrible treatment of other human beings, other fellow brothers and sisters, is another example of how he is no stronger than Mr. Trudeau.”

Scheer’s response? He dodged the question and changed the subject.


It’s unclear if Scheer’s refusal to condemn Trump has to do with any ideological sympathies for Trump or if he simply wants to avoid alienating some parts of the Conservative base.

But in a 2016 speech at the Manning Centre Conference, Scheer praised key figures in the US Tea Party movement, including Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, as “strong conservative voices.”

Previously, Scheer sheepishly admitted that dealing with Trump could be an “interesting challenge.”



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‘Proud to Be White’: Conservative Candidate Resigns After Secret Anti-Immigrant Facebook Account Discovered

Conservative candidate in Manitoba shared anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim posts and declared he’s ‘proud to be white’

September 12, 2019

A Winnipeg-area candidate running for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives has stepped down following the discovery of the candidate’s secret Facebook account which contained “discriminatory social media posts.”

Cameron Ogilvie’s since-deleted bio on the Conservative Party website notes that “Cameron has a love for people of all ethnic backgrounds” and “loves learning about different cultures.”

But Facebook postings newly unearthed by PressProgress show Ogilvie often shared content on anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim themes.

In fact, one posting from the former candidate while he…