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A Right-Wing Group Funded By Lululemon’s Founder is Posting Homophobic Memes About Justin Trudeau

Facebook page run by third-party group Pacific Prosperity Network is mocking Trudeau’s sexuality and the end of his marriage

A Facebook page run by a political third party group funded by Lululemon founder Chip Wilson is posting homophobic memes that take aim at Justin Trudeau’s recent separation from his spouse as well as the prime minister’s sexuality.

Far-right influencers in Canada and around the world have spent the last week in outrage over a photo of Trudeau and his teenage son going to see the Barbie movie while wearing pink – Trudeau’s first public appearance after announcing his separation from his spouse, Sophie.

The tweet has prompted egregious memes and homophobic commentary from the far-right questioning the prime minister’s sexuality.

BC Proud, a right-wing Facebook page run by the Pacific Prosperity Network third-party group, joined in the pile-on by creating a meme that mocks Trudeau’s sexuality and his marriage.

One meme shared by the page included an image of Trudeau in tears with the caption: “My wife decided she likes men.”

BC Proud (Facebook)

The image of Trudeau crying used in the meme is actually from a December 2016 event where Trudeau met with a Syrian refugee.

Since the announcement of Justin Trudeau’s separation from wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau last week, BC Proud has posted five different posts mocking the prime minister’s marriage.

According to BC Proud’s Facebook page, the Pacific Prosperity Network verified that it is “responsible” for running the page.

Last year, Pacific Prosperity Network Executive Director Micah Haince told the Vancouver Sun that the third party group purchased BC Proud from Canada Proud’s Jeff Ballingall for an undisclosed amount.

The BC Proud Facebook page has 91,000 followers.

The Pacific Prosperity Network is funded in large part by Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, who is the group’s biggest funder and personally put out a call to his wealthy friends in 2022 asking them to donate and to help the network become an “effective full time voice for the right.”

Wilson is one of BC’s wealthiest people and owns the most expensive mansion in Vancouver.

PPN Executive Director Micah Haince and Lululemon billionaire Chip Wilson

The Pacific Prosperity Network claims on its website to have thousands of members and that their aim is to “shift the dial of our culture, provide much-needed content and run powerful campaigns that win.

It appears that BC Proud, which often posts memes about Justin Trudeau, important polls asking whether or not Pierre Poilievre looks better with or without his glasses, and content related to BC, is one of the avenues by which the PPN is attempting to achieve its aims.

The Pacific Prosperity Network did not respond to requests for comment from PressProgress.


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Rumneek Johal
Rumneek Johal is PressProgress' BC Reporter. Her reporting focuses on systemic inequality, workers and communities, as well as racism and far-right extremism.

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