Core Principles

PressProgress aims to be one of Canada’s top political news sources, providing our readers with reliable information and critical analysis from a progressive perspective.

Here are a few of the core principles guiding our editorial decisions:

We Advance Stories on Progressive Issues

PressProgress is guided by progressive values – we want to play a role restoring balance to Canada’s media landscape by providing accurate reporting and reliable information that strengthens the quality of public debate.

We Serve the Public Interest

PressProgress only covers stories that are of clear relevance to the public interest, particularly when newsworthy events occur relating to Canada’s public institutions, public officials, those seeking public office as well as those seeking to influence the political process, change our laws and/or shape public opinion and public policy.

We Respect Truth, Facts and Expertise

PressProgress takes the accuracy of its work extremely seriously. Although our work is critical and guided by our progressive values, we always seek to corroborate every claim we publish, supplying supporting evidence from public records, credible news and academic sources or on-the-record statements from our sources.

We Speak With a Critical Voice

PressProgress believes Canadians need more journalism that checks the facts, scrutinizes claims and asks tough, critical questions.

We Make Information Accessible

PressProgress is committed to always trying to make information clear and understandable to the greatest number of people possible.